SEO | 5/10/14

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the avenue to boost your websites presence in the search engine results page (SERP’s). Let us view Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which are ads paid for by sponsors which also appear in search engine results as two different entities for time being. SEO in brief is completely free and is the practice of optimizing your website code to appeal to search engines. SEO & SEM can and do work well together although they can work completely independently.

Create a HTML and XML sitemap for your website and submit them to the search engines.

XML sitemap

An XML sitemap assists search engine spiders to understand your website and crawl it effectively.

HTML sitemap

This is an on page html sitemap which is a proven useful tool for  visitors to find pertinent pages on your site and I recommend styling it to match the templates used elsewhere on your website.

It is preferred that your website technology allows new pages to be instantly included in your sitemap. Is you find your sitemap is not automatically created you may manually create one or simply use a sitemap creation venue such as

TEST Sitemaps

I recommend you check your sitemap to make certain that it does not contain any development site URLs once you have launched the website.

Web Review | Find out what is wrong with your website and how to fix it by our professionals.


Now that we are aware SEO (search engine optimization) is the key to search engine traffic let us understand how keywords fit into this highly complicated puzzle. OK keywords are not a magical solution to make you #1 visibility wise, however when researched properly keywords will increase your conversions meaning your sales and potential sales. Keywords provide important insight in the research phase for all websites.


Content in your website is incredibly important. Quality content absolutely comes first and trumps just about everything else. Your content will be imperative in obtaining high search rankings and driving traffic to your website.

Numbers of pages

Over the years SEO has evolved immensely. These days search engines are looking for quality content that answer the users search queries rather than metrics such as keyword density.

Depth of website

Make sure your website offers quality content on numerous topics within your niche which visitors find valuable. One page that acts as your online business presence will not cut it. Make sure to have multiple pages on your website. Multiple pages on your website will enable your site to be found for numerous search queries which will yield more traffic.

Incorporate Media

Media absolutely needs to be a part of your web development strategy if you are hoping to increase your rankings in search engines. Static pages as well as pages with only text are great for providing information to visitors however videos and images will encourage visitors to stay longer periods on your website. Add images, informational videos, online tutorials such as mine and other media types to keep your visitors engaged. Hopefully this will improve your sales and reduce the number of people that simply use your website as another landing and launching area.


Creating a well-designed and optimized website is not too difficult. Although professional help is a luxury to have but if you are simply starting out and want to employ some very basic techniques to help you simply implement any of the above literature to improve your sites search visibility.

ADDED Advice

Make sure you have access to Google Analytics or something similar. Studies have clearly shown that data is very helpful to understand your sites performance as well as ideas for improvement. Always remember to monitor and measure your success


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