These terms and conditions define the contract between Global Establishment and the client.


Changes to content may be made by the client during the construction of the website. Further changes after completion agreed verbally or signed in agreement of client would incur an additional charge.


Global Established is not liable for copyright laws related to text, images and other data supplied by the client. The client is responsible for all copyrights on such material and trademark permissions. Ownership of such materials will remain with the client or with its rightful copyright trademark owner.

The client agrees that Global Establishment are free from harm in any way including any claims from the client not obtaining all of the required copyrights and any other necessary permissions.


Quote for completion date in agreement is an accurate estimate but can vary according to changes requested by the client or delays in receiving content from client will be billed.


The client agrees that Global Establishment have no liability for damages or losses sustained by the client for loss of earnings and claims made against the client.

Remains the clients responsibility to arrange renewal of their hosting and domain names either through Global Establishment or another company.

Global Establishment will keep a backup of all work created for a client for a period of at least one year. Re-instatement if the work is lost or erased will be at the cost of the client.

It is clients responsibility to check final work created by Global Establishment for accuracy.

Global Establishment are not liable for a client receiving any computer virus or spam emails of any kind.


Client must give seven days written notice to Global Establishment.

Any costs incurred because of termination of project will be responsibility of the client.


Global Establishment reserves the right to use clients work in their portfolio.

Global Establishment reserves the right to display a link from the clients website.


Any text content should be supplied by the client in Word document or typed in email. Additional charges apply for extra time and excessive time taken to retype documents for the projects.

Global Establishment reserves the right not to publish the website to the public until final payment has been made.


Unless stated otherwise in a client agreement an amount of 50% of the quote becomes immediately payable prior to commencement of work as a non-refundable deposit. If 5 Year Website Package Is Agreed upon client will be charged 50% of five year total within first 6 months of website development.

Balance is payable on completion of the work. Must be paid under 30 days of this date. Global Establishment reserves right to retain and remove  any work if not paid by this date.

All work is the property of Global Establishment until all fees are paid.

Global Establishment reserves the right to change prices at any time. Global Establishment reserves the right to charge a fee of $75 per hour of work exceeding original quote.

Payment may be made by cheque, cash, bank transfer or debit and credit card.

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